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Jiangyin Yinghuameng Houseware Co., Ltd. is a professional ODM manufacturer of household use cleaning and care products. Over the past twenty years the company focused on the international foreign trade market, has a strong ability to develop innovative and first-class quality management processes. Our Shoe Care Serious, Car Care Serious & Household Daily Use Cleaning Serious are the priority choice of many international well-known brands. Our company employs over 60 workers and staff, has facilities covering an area of 8,000 square meters, and owns fixed asset of USD5 million and running capital of USD2 million. Our annual production value is nearly USD 5million. In addition the chairman of our company owns the following enterprises: 1) Jiangyin Yinghuameng houseware Co., Ltd. Main products: car care products, leather care,shoe care,houseware products. 2) Wuxi Yinghuameng Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Main products: personnel care goods such as hair shampoo, bath solution, leather care goods, body wash and body powder (for children and adult).

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